Barakaat Al Hijaz

A Falcon Group Company

Established in 2006

Innovative recycling solutions today
for a greener, thriving tomorrow
because every eco-conscious choice counts.

In every drop of oil, we find the power to nurture the world responsibly, shaping a greener tomorrow for all.

At Barakaat Al Hijaz which is a subsidiary of Falcon Oil Re-refining Co, we’re dedicated to more than just refining oil. We’re committed to refining the future, ensuring it’s sustainable and eco-friendly. Our journey is guided by the belief that environmental responsibility is integral to excellence. As we craft quality energy solutions, we do so with a profound respect for the planet, using innovative methods that minimize our environmental impact. Join us in shaping a greener tomorrow with every drop of oil we refine.

Fuad Salahuddin

Founder and C.E.O of Falcon Oil Re-refining Co and Barakaat Al Hijaz


At Baraakat, we’re dedicated to sustainable innovation in petrochemicals, prioritizing quality and eco-friendly solutions.


Baraakat a future where petrochemical excellence and environmental sustainability unite, driving industry change.


Our goals include expanding refining capacity, reducing waste, and achieving industry leadership in eco-friendly practices.

Company History